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CaptureIT Media was launched in 2016 based on the years of video application and delivery services developed by Prendismo, LLC. Having developed a video platform for extensive video collections originating at universities, Prendismo created and implemented a process of curation and delivery that has enabled Prendismo to deliver Prendismo content to customers around the world. Responding to customer inquiries on how they too could manage their video content, Prendismo set off to develop a video platform that would integrate with website tools and services that are used across the business community. CaptureIT Media is the video platform from Prendismo.

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Proven, adaptable, and constantly developing, CaptureIT Media brings the value of video back to your website and with the brand control under your control. No longer do companies have to weigh cost prohibitive video platforms vs handing over the company brand to You Tube. CaptureIT Media is the cost effective platform that can overlay on your website, enhance your website, and above all allow businesses to control messaging surrounding the company brand.

Learn more about the Prendismo management team at  http://www.prendismo.com/management/