Simply put – we believe in video.

Video has been our passion for over 20 years.  For us, it is not about entertainment, it is about connection through sharing.  We have been at the forefront of video based ‘storytelling’, evolving our efforts and business with the latest technology tools.  ‘Storytelling’ has been a tool of education and relationship building since the time humans began sitting around campfires.

We have developed and designed CaptureIT with the goal of making your customers' experience more genuine and engaging.  We want to help make it a trusted relationship.

We have learned over the last 20+ years that the most significant hurdle to video use is the upload process.  We have used the power of today’s cell phone, along with uploading technology, to make CaptureIT one of the easiest to use video platforms in the market.  Can’t wait for you to give it a try and tell us what you think!